Here you will find links to sites we appreciate :


Theatre - Audiovisual

Videos in breton, from a great team of young breton speakers : SETU

C’hoariva is a site dedicated to breton theater promotion : C’HOARIVA

Dizale, an association for breton audiovisual production : DIZALE

Brezhoweb, a website which gathers many breton TV shows : BREZHOWEB

Working with children

An association promoting breton language for pre-school children : 2SKOUARN

Leisures in breton and gallo : UBAPAR

A site that helps people working with children in breton language : BED AR VUHEZOURIEN

Sources for school teachers : SKOLIUS

UGB website (Union of Breton speaking Teachers) : UGB

KSDS is a federation that gathers breton schools (UGB, Diwan, Divyezh and Dihun) : Download K.S.D.S. information

Diwan schools: DIWAN

Divyezh Schools : DIVYEZH

Dihun Schools : DIHUN


On the "Office de la langue bretonne" website, you will find many information,and also  very efficient dictionary for modern words : OFIS AR BREZHONEG

Another dictionary (still incomplete) : GERIADUR

Fransez Favereau's dicitonary, on the ABP (Agence Bretagne Presse) website ! : GERIADUR FAVEREAU

10.000 breton articles : WIKIPEDIA

Preder dictionaries online : PREDER

Several dictionaries in one single click : LEXILOGOS

Evening classes

Deskiñ d’an Oadourien (teach to adults) : D.A.O.

Exercices for summer breaks : POELLADENNOU D.A.O.

You want to know where to learn breton in your town : DESKIÑ

Correspondence courses : SKOL OBER

Evening classes near Auray : STEN KIDNA

Evening classes near Brest : SKED

Evening classes near Nantes : KENTELIOU AN NOZ

Evening classes near Quimper (with Ti ar Vro) : MERVENT

Evening classes near Morlaix : KLT

Breton Media

Theonly breton weekly news : YA!

The only breton monthly news : BREMAN

4 breton speaking radios portal: RADIO BREIZH

Breton Radio in Cornouailles : RADIO KERNE

Breton Radio in Vannes area : RADIO BRO GWENED

Breton Radio in Leon : ARVORIG

Breton Radio in Tregor : KAOUENN FM

Throughout Brittany : BLEU BREIZH IZEL

France3 breton TV shows : FRAÑS 3

L. Buannic TV shows online : WEBNOZ

Blogs in breton language

A great blog form K.Le Meut : RE 'ZO RE

Blog Stumdi's trainees, Landerneau 2006-2007 : STUMDI 07

Blog Stumdi's trainees, Ploemeur 2006-2007 : STUMDI AKADEMI


Breton portal : AR WEB BREIZHEK

Kuzul ar brezhoneg gathers several breton cultural associations : KUZUL ar BREZHONEG

Many services for learning or improving one's breton, with a forum : KERVARKER

Buy CDs, DVDs, comics and books : KLASK

Breton softwares : An DROUIZIG