Job counselling services

Since September 2006, Stumdi has offered help to its trainees with its job counselling services. In 2007, Stumdi's job counselling services received the Future of the Breton Language prize from the Breton Language Office and the Regional Council of Brittany.

The aims of this service are: to help our trainees in their jobs search; to track our trainees' employment success rate in the Breton-speaking work world; to help employers find bilingual employees; and to provide employers with Breton-language training programs tailored to the specific needs of their workplaces.

How does it work?

-We get the word out to all firms, local authorities, and all those working in the job placement field about our trainings, the needs for bilingual workers, and how they can promote these types of trainings.

-We meet one-on-one with our trainees to help them in their job searches.

-We provide workshops to our trainees on how to make a bilingual resumés and cover letters.

-We collect--and make available to potential employers--our trainees' professional profiles.


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