Advanced training courses

This advanced training is for people already working on a bilingual post, or people fluent enough in Breton and willing to improve their skills in this language.

It ain't no academic training. More informations in our pdf (breton and french) :

- Ober e brezhoneg / Le breton couramment

- Stummadur Uhel war ar brezhoneg / Formation supérieure

Goals :

  • to acquire fluency in oral and writing practice.l'amélioration de la pratique orale et écrite,
  • to acquire tools and method, group works in breton language. 

Involvement and initiative are awaited from our trainees. This training is made of thematic workshops run by our team and outside teachers (For theatre courses, eg), and also some courses made by University teachers.


In Arradon (56), Brest (29), Guingamp (22), Landerneau (29), Ploemeur (56), and Saint-Brieuc (22).


Early April to early June.